Beauty And The Beast

Belle (Emma Watson) is an equally smart and graceful young woman who lives together with her somewhat quirky father Maurice (Kevin Kline) living a quiet and quite satisfied life in the small village of Villeneuve. Their gloomy everyday life is disturbed only by the self-indulgent Schönling Gaston (Luke Evans), the Belle regularly the yard makes and also by their rejection not be deterred. There, Belles’s father, during a journey to the beasts of the beast (Dan Stevens), lives in a bewitched castle near the village. The Beast was once a selfish prince, who was accursed to live as an ugly monster, until he can make a man truly love him despite his frightening appearance. But Belle does not yet suspect that she is going to the beastly beast of her beast instead of her father. Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, and Emma Thompson), and she begins to realize that there is more behind the disgraceful facade of the Beast.

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