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El abrazo de la serpiente

Karamakate was once a powerful Shaman of the Amazon, is the last survivor of his people, and now lives in voluntary isolation deep in the jungle. It takes years of total solitude that have turned it into chullachaqui, an empty shell of man, deprived of emotions and memories. But his empty life gives a twist the day when Evan, an American ethnobotanist in search of the yakruna, a powerful hidden plant, capable of teaching to dream, arrives at his remote lair. Karamakate agrees to accompany Evan in their quest and together they embark on a journey into the heart of the jungle where the past, present and future are confused, and in which the shaman will recover his lost memories. These memories bring with them vestiges of a friendship betrayed and of a deep pain that will not free Karamakate until he transmits for the last time his ancestral knowledge, which seemed destined to be lost forever.

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