It Chapter Two

Twenty-seven years have passed since several children in the town of Derry have stood in the way of a monster and seemingly defeated it. When Derry is hit again by a series of murders, the librarian Mike Hanlon gradually dawns that it’s back … He struggles with him for a long time, but then decides to call his former friends from the Losers’ Club. It has long dissipated in all the winds. They all left Derry in the years after the fateful summer of yore and do not even remember what happened back then. But whether horror best-selling author Bill Denbrough, star architect Ben Hanscom, or radio host Richie Tozier, when they get the call from Mike Hanlon with the memory of an old promise, they know they need to get back to Derry for some reason. But before they can fight again with the beast, usually in the form of the sadistic clown Pennywise (Bill SkarsgĂ„rd), they first have to remember who they once were …

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