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My Guardian Angel

Hannah’s parents took her to a new school, where she was told to give her another chance. However, Hannah is 11 years old, a young autistic and because of her condition, is unable to express herself. She had a twin sister named Angel, but a while later Angel passed away, then Hannah was forbidden to reveal herself to her parents, when Hannah seeks to console her grief over the loss of her sister, she began to look over her sister’s things. Since Hannah the child lives in a cruel life of despair, she fears that the situation ends at the hands of her parents. However, beneath her pillow a mysterious knife still appears and a voice in her head that she thinks would never leave her quiet, Hannah begins to realize that maybe she can have an ally that does not belong to this world and it would be about A spirit, yet fear continues to subdue Hannah, since it could be a spiritual angel who has come from beyond to collect his justice for all the abuses and damages he has suffered. Hannah manages to overcome all her fear and manages to let it pass.

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