Tenemos que hablar

Nuria has the perfect life. He triumphs in his work, has a companion whom he adores and a wonderful house. However, there is one aspect that fails: she is not divorced from her previous partner, Jorge. The latter, for his part, goes through a time when everything fails: he is unemployed, his house falls apart and does not get a girlfriend. While Nuria has managed to rebuild his life without him, Jorge continues to bear the burden of guilty for having caused her parents to ruin because of the crisis and failed investments, coupled with the preferred shares of the bank in which Worked. Nuria, who feels pity for Jorge, does not want to sink him with his request for what he pretends is not right and has not yet surpassed his story and, at the same time, makes him believe that his parents are better than ever. In this way he intends that he be strengthened and accept the divorce.

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