The Comedian

Jackie (Robert De Niro) was a successful Comedian, who had a sitcom hit, but since the end of his TV series it is no longer round for him. Now he is back in his old home where the daughter of his brother (Danny DeVito) will marry. Because of the lack of job opportunities, his agent (Edie Falco) can only provide him with stand-up gigs with other old ranks. Because one of the gigs is a bit of a clash, Jackie has to make social hours in a homeless shelter. There, he meets Harmony (Leslie Mann) and falls in love. Together with her, the comedian strikes with the sharp tongue and a softness for insults through New York – to appearances from colleagues, a gig in a retirement home, the wedding of his niece or even the birthday of Harmonys controlled father Mac (Harvey Keitel). And everywhere, with his words, he breaks a lot of porcelain …

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