The Grudge

When she realizes that something is wrong, the young social worker Fiona (Tara Westwood) gives up her job in a nefarious house in Tokyo and rushes back to her family in the United States. But apparently she dragged the curse from Japan. The spirits take possession of her and drive her to kill her husband, daughter, and themselves, making their home a new, cursed place. When there is another death related to the house two years later, police officer Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough), who has just moved into the city, tries to get to the bottom of the horrors that have taken place there. But after entering the property, the dark forces are after them.

New US contribution to the “Ju-On / The Grudge” series, which started in Japan around the turn of the millennium.

In the United States, viewers have been asked their opinions on the opening weekend of a film since the early 1980s when they leave the cinema. From their answers, the so-called Cinemascore is determined, which ranges from A + to F according to the US school grade system. In the 40-year history of the market research instrument, only 19 films had received the worst rating – until “The Grudge” has now completed the 20. It was exactly this dreaded F rating that gave me hope again shortly before going to the cinema …

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