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The Secret Life of Pets 2

Sequel to the animated movie “Pets” about funny pets. Dog Max and his friends have to take care of a little baby this time and also get to know a number of farm animals .
Terrier Max is experiencing great changes in his life. His mistress is married, and now he has a child, Liam. Max is very careful with Liam. On a trip with the family, Max and Duke , his adopted brother and friend, meet cows that do not tolerate dogs, hostile foxes and a scary Turkey. Max is guided by the Rooster farm dogs who help Max overcome his fears, find the alpha male inside and leave Liam alone.
Meanwhile, feline Chloe discovers catnip, and Gidget accidentally loses Max’s favorite toy and recovers it from an apartment full of cats. With a little help from Chloe Gidget, she studies feline behavior to infiltrate their “lair” and save Busy Bee.
The snowball bunny tricks himself into being a superhero after his mistress, Molly, dresses him up in superhero pajamas.

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